Consolidated Audit Trail ("CAT")

For more information, see the CAT NMS Plan website.

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Approval Notice

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CAT Clock Synchronization Certification

Decentralized Linkage

The Options Order Protection and Locked/Crossed Markets Plan is also referred to as the “Decentralized Linkage Plan”.

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The Decentralized Linkage Plan

Intermarket Symbols Reservation Authority (“ISRA”)

The National Market System Plan for the Selection and Reservation of Securities Symbols is also referred to as the “Intermarket Symbols Reservation Authority” (“ISRA”).

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The ISRA Plan

Options Listing Procedures Plan (“OLPP”)

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Options Price Reporting Authority (“OPRA”)

The OPRA Plan may be viewed on the OPRA website at:

Options Regulatory Surveillance Authority (“ORSA”)

The ORSA Plan may be viewed on the SEC website at:

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Amendment to the ORSA Plan